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Colorado Educational Seminars

Arvada, CO | Hosted by Tim Price

Lakewood, CO | Hosted by Angela Walker 

Check back soon for more Colorado Classes! Upcoming classes will be available soon!

Oklahoma Educational Seminars

Del City, OK| Hosted by Mike Frisbie & Sabrina Willingham

More Oklahoma Classes will be available soon!

Texas Educational Seminars

Pflugerville, TX | Hosted by Michelle Searle

McKinney, TX | Hosted by Todd Lipani

More Texas Classes will be available soon!

Washington Educational Seminars

Spokane, WA| Hosted by Terry Lamm & Joanna Finnegan

Shadle Park Library
10:30 am – 11:30 am
Saturday – June 10, 2023

This class will help you navigate through Medicare easier knowing the A, B, C,  & Ds and give you the help you need in choosing the Medicare plan for you. Join us to get all of your Medicare-related questions answered.


Clients Love Us!

5 Stars!

I had the good fortune to come across Angela Walker on the NextDoor app. With my husband turning 65, I was stressed about picking the correct plan, and how to proceed in the best way. I spoke to Angela on the phone first, and after the initial call I knew that I had chosen the right broker. Not only was she a wealth of information, she was kind and professional. Angela continued to follow up and helped me sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan… one that I know is the best fit for my husband. I also attended one her classes, and after meeting her in person, I was even more impressed. I recommend Angela Walker to anyone who needs help obtaining the right health insurance. Thank you, Angela! —Kim McGinnis

Very Helpful

I am a retired engineer and was still becoming overwhelmed with the Medicare process as I turned 65. Angela helped me navigate through the myriad options and choices to get me the optimal results. I was so impressed, I have referred many friends, family, co-workers and neighbors who have had equally good results. Thanks again Angela!

The Best!

Attending the Medicare class this season, I felt so much more informed than ever, and was very grateful to get what I needed (without having to read that half-inch document from the Government!)  The best part was that I could ask Angela ANYTHING and she explained it not only for me but for the others who also had the same questions. She cut through the legalistic language and simply explained the policies and procedures so all could understand. I really appreciate her delightful disposition and depth of knowledge.  Rock on, Angela!

Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend Angela if you are looking for a Medicare Plan Representative to review your situation or are about to get on Medicare and need answers to the many questions you have.

She makes the learning process as painless as a government program can be.
Her class was extremely informative and her follow up is excellent.
I’ve been on Medicare for several months and Angela answers questions promptly.
Her service is excellent and she knows the programs inside and out!
Mike Cheney

Valuable Resource!

Angela was a valuable resource to walk me through the unnecessarily complicated process of choosing the right health insurance. When I initially called Angela, I was trying to figure out if I qualified for any kind of discount through the Colorado Health Exchange. My wife and I tried to do this on our own several times and it was time consuming and confusing. With Angela’s expertise, she was able to walk me through the process very quickly and help me pick out a very affordable plan that was over $150 less than my old health care plan with the exact same benefits. The healthcare company that she recommended, Bright Healthcare, was great and very easy to use. I saved time and money working with Angela which is important for a busy family man such as myself.  Lastly, I would like to say that Angela was very prompt in responding to any of my questions and she made me feel like a valued client all throughout the process. Thanks Angela!

Informative and Helpful

I met Angela Walker in 2021 when I attended her class on Medicare.  I was immediately impressed with her and her knowledge of  Medicare.  The class was both informative and helpful for me.  Angela answered all my questions about Medicare and took all my Medicare fears away!  I knew right then and there, that I would be asking Angela to be my broker.  Since then, I have referred individuals to Angela and they all have told me what a true Medicare gift she is!  I highly recommend Angela Walker to be your Medicare broker!  Sincerely, Mary Beth Doubet

Thrilled and privileged

Woohoo!! You have no idea how it feels to have someone on the team who understands all of this and knows the best critical paths to take to ensure that most needs are met with the lowest cost specific to a person’s individal needs. I’m so thrilled and privileged to have met you, Michelle.  ~Wayne Kaauamo

Highly Recommended

I attended a Medicare seminar led by Terry Lamm and Joanna Finnegan.  They explained all the parts of Medicare and made it understandable.  The slides and handout of the presentation really helped me put the pieces together. I now have a good handle on the process of signing up for benefits after attending the class. I highly recommend working with Terry and Joanna.  

Thank you
Lauri T
How much will a Medicare plan cost?

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What plan should I enroll in?
When should I enroll without getting a penalty?
How does Medicare work with Federal Retiree Plans & Veterans?

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How does Medicare work with lower income individuals?
How does Medicare work if I am still employed?

Meet Your Medicare Pro Educators!

Todd Lipani

Tim Price

Tim has worked in the insurance and financial industry for over 20 years. He specializes in helping individuals and couple preserve assets, through Medicare planning, plus fighting taxes and inflation. Tim is committed to the relationship first, and the solution second so that the you will have a peace of mind and a relationship that can last a life time.

Todd Lipani

Angela Walker

Angela Walker is a Colorado Native, and has been in the Health Care industry since 2003 and has owned her own Medicare insurance agency since 2015. She teaches Medicare classes throughout the Denver metro area and also works as a Medicare Educator with Medicare Pro Educators, which is a non profit 501(c)(3) company.  She is licensed in Licensed in 25 states and growing!

Todd Lipani

Mike Frisbie

Mike has been working in insurance and retirement planning since 2004. He specializes in helping individuals and families protect and preserve assets through Medicare planning, controlling taxes and keeping pace with inflation. Mike focuses on establishing relationships with his clients and clearly understanding their needs and goals before providing them with a comprehensive solution.  He is committed to providing them the peace of mind they need to enjoy their retirement years.

Todd Lipani

Michelle Searle

Michelle Searle has been in the Medicare industry since 2018 and has helped over 500 Texans with their Medicare benefits. She focuses on helping individuals and couples with Medicare, establishing relationships with her clients and their needs before providing them with a comprehensive solution. She teaches Medicare classes and works as a Medicare Educator with Medicare Pro Educators, which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company.

Todd Lipani

Terry Lamm

Terry grew up in Southern Idaho’s Treasure Valley and has been a long time resident of Spokane Valley. After many years as a health and safety consultant to seniors, Terry transitioned into the health care insurance industry, and has helped hundreds of Washington residents with their Medicare benefits. Terry is focused on listening and understanding each clients current and future health care concerns and enjoys helping people to understand some of their Medicare options when they are new to Medicare or turning 65 years of age. Terry holds classes with Medicare Pro Educators, an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) Company.

Todd Lipani

Todd Lipani

Todd is a resident of Frisco, TX and has been in the Insurance industry since 2002, initially working in the voluntary benefits field.  In 2012 Todd moved to the Medicare industry full time and is now a dedicated, independent Medicare broker.  Having consulted thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, Todd uses his experience to explain Medicare with easy-to-understand language and real-life examples.  Your Medicare decisions now have a big impact on the quality of care you receive, so make sure you get sound advise from a trusted, local, experienced agent.

Todd Lipani

Joanna Finnegan

Joanna started out in the Medicare industry in 2008. She has helped thousands of Medicare Beneficiaries over the years with their Medicare benefits. She focuses on helping retirees, individuals, and couples in North Idaho and Eastern Washington understand their Medicare coverage options. She now teaches Medicare classses and works as an Educator with Medicare Pro Educators, which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) company.

Todd Lipani

Teresa Braden

Teresa Braden has been specializing in the Medicare industry since 2002. Over the years, Teresa has helped educate and enroll hundreds of Medicare eligible members. Whether they’re aging in – turning 65 or on Medicare due to a disability, she is dedicated to educating and helping them understand the ABC’s-and D of Medicare. Teresa is there for her members, and they know they can turn to her anytime they need her help. With her knowledge and experience she continues to educate all those that have so many questions. Teresa teaches Medicare classes in her community with Medicare Pro Educators which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company.

Todd Lipani

Sabrina Willingham

Sabrina has been working in customer care and education training for over 30 years. She believes that putting her clients first and maintaining a high level of professionalism on their behalf is what makes clients eager to refer her to their family and friends. Sabrina’s goal is to provide peace of mind to her clients by helping them identify the solutions that will best meet their needs for the future.

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